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Rise of the Trash Panda (working title) is a tongue in cheek homage to games like Pokemon, Megaman Battle Network and the old Lucas Arts adventure games like Sam and Max: Hit the Road.  It is being developed for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018 a demo is available now!

There isn’t a ton of interactive content, just know that once you get shot at by the robots you need to head to the left to get the gun and make the  random battles start happening.  Look for things outlined in a thick yellow border  that means they are interactive  

The game currently doesn't have a game save function and there is a lot of the story areas that are blocked off because they are not complete yet.  I have uploaded a version of the game that takes you through the game until it starts random encounters.  You can explore the map at that  point and try the different encounters and collect several cards.

There are about 5 cards in this version of the game.  Each different area you can access have different enemies.  Though they look the same. I didn't have time to finish the artwork for the battle system before the contest deadline.



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